What about my child's privacy?

Your child's privacy is very important in our eyes. That's why parents have no access to their children's accounts.

Only in the event of "foul play", such as verbal violence, pornography, drugs, alcohol, contact from a stranger and the like will parents be automatically informed.

Even then, all that the parent will see is the message their child received. 


Did you know?

One out of every seven children who "chat" online, have received indecent proposals from adults....



The speed test shows a slower speed that I should be getting. Who should I do?

First, make sure that the "surfing speed package" with Rimon and Bezeq/HOT are identical.

If not, you'll receive the lower surfing speed of the two.

In addition, it's recommended to contact Bezeq/HOT to make sure you're getting the speed you paid for.

If everything's in order there, and you're still not surfing at the speed you should be,


My internet keeps disconnecting. Who can I contact?

Internet disconnections are caused by various reasons. Usually the problem is with the internet infrastructure supplier (Today, either Bezeq or HOT).

It's recommended to check the modem or router for any flashing lights, or lights which turn on and off.

If you do see them, contact Bezeq or Hot (depending on who you chose to work with).


What is "Smart Internet"?

The Internet Rimon system is built with a unique scanning and filtering system which provides state-of-the-art surfing protection. The web filter is built-in with Rimon system, and does not require downloading a filtering file to your computer. "Artificial Intelligence" which identifies pictures, and an advanced word processor for recognizing words provide the most advanced protection available today.