Did you know?

Internet Rimon is the only internet supplier with the technolgical ability to scan secure sites, such as Google, YouTube and Facebook, which account for 70% of all on-line pornography.


What is Internet Etrog?

Internet Etrog is Internet Rimon's Ultra-Orthodox branch.

This service was especially established to meet the protective standards of the Haredi community,

who use the internet for working and learning purposes only.


What's the difference between the various protection levels?

The Basic Level enables surfing throughout the "Web", excluding excessive violence and pornography.

On this level you will have access to contents such as swim suits and under garments.


The Medium Level will block swim suits and under garments, but will allow access to most other culture and leisure contents.



Can I cancel the protection, even for just a few minutes?

The basic level enables complete and total access to the internet,

except pornography and excessive violence.

This level of protection can not be cancelled,

as protecting our customers from these contents is very important to us. 


In addition, you can always change the protection levels whenever you like,