If Rimon blocked an OK web site?

We do our best to accurately filter web sites, with an as little as possible error margin.

If you feel Internet Rimon accidently blocked a certain web site, feel free to contact us.

We promise to double-check the site.

In addition, if you're surfing on the Moderate of High levels of protection,

you can always change to the Basic level and see the requested contents. 


What happens on Secure Sites?

Internet Rimon is the only internet supplier which is capable of scanning and filtering secure sites,

meaning web sites which begin with https.

In the past, only banks and credit card companies used "https",

but today Google, YouTube, Facebook and many others use it.

These sites make up to 70% of all online pornography!


I want the basic level, but I also want to block an online game my children are addicted to. Is tat possible?

Yes, of course!

Internet Rimon's protection levels provide a general solution,

but you can "adjust" the filtering level to your personal standards.

This can be done by simply clicking here, or by going to "My Neto". 


How does Safebook work?

Safebook tracks your children's social-network activities.

In the event that any suspicious activity is identified (for example: pornography, harassments, verbal violence etc..), 

Safebook informs the child's parents by automatically sending them an email.


What about my child's privacy?

Your child's privacy is very important in our eyes. That's why parents have no access to their children's accounts.

Only in the event of "foul play", such as verbal violence, pornography, drugs, alcohol, contact from a stranger and the like will parents be automatically informed.

Even then, all that the parent will see is the message their child received. 


Did you know?

One out of every seven children who "chat" online, have received indecent proposals from adults....