A Wise Tip

  • Explain to your children what is considered "unacceptable" and should be informed to parents, a teacher or to an adult they can rely on.
  • For example, an email which causes them to feel uneasy. 

Why do I need internet protection?

It's impossible to surf the web without accidently and innocently "bumping into" contents which no parent would want their kids seeing.

Now, of course no technology can replace education,  and today the need for education regarding unworthy contents increases all the time.


What's the difference between Internet Rimon and other internet suppliers available?

1. Unlike our competitors, Internet Rimon provides security and protection straight from the company's servers,

    without having to install any software on your computer.

2. Only with Internet Rimon the scanning and filtering is "built-in" with the internet supplier.

3. Only with Internet Rimon the protection is for all the computers in the house.



This level will prevent access

to provocative clothing as well

as preventing access to pornography and violence.



This level of protection will prevent

access to pornography and violence.